Saturday, May 10, 2008


beautiful morning. picked up some poop by the parking lot. i never can figure out how it is that people come out for exercise, but don't walk back to the trash can from this close and just be done with it. again, all right near the trail.

here's the ziplock at the end of our hike- 3 bags from us, a coke can, and misc poop picked up from really close to the parking lot. i will say this is better than i have seen it up there, but still not great.

cows are out. these guys are behind the gate that leads to hard guy. i saw a few more scattered on the hills off of corrals trail. we leashed up to go by just in case, but it appears that neither of my pups, both of whose breeds have been used for herding, have much interest in cattle. thank goodness!

trail braiding question. not sure how many dogs it would take to walk this path over how long a period of time to make the secondary trail. not the way my dogs usually travel- they will go off the trail to smell something, maybe run a loop, but the only time they trot right next the trail is when there is already a path like this there.

lots of stuff blooming and getting ready to. can't remember what this first one is called. the lupine are getting ready to explode- the hillside should be covered later this week. saw some larkspur farther back, and this white blooming shrub which may or may not be syringa. didn't seem quite fragrant enough.

met karen & robin with their 3 dogs. they called them back because one is noisy & scares people (sounds like echo)- much appreciated. the dogs were all very good.

saw 3 mt bikers riding with 2 dogs, and quite a few other groups. everyone was nice & polite and good about sharing the trail. except for the woman who just had to fly by the 3 mt bikers on the hill by hard guy- cutting off me & the dogs from coming up hill & startling the other riders.

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