Tuesday, May 13, 2008


since enforcement will be starting soon ($25 fine, plus court costs= around $100) for both leash and poop violations, and people said that what is on leash was confusing, thought we'd check it out this morning.

here's what i noticed: we probably need on leash trail signs coming into the reserve from Camel's Back on 10th St and from the parking lot on 9th. Ditto into the trees toward the pond from the lower parking lot across from Owl's Roost, and entering the upper parking lot from Kestrel. Dogs should be leashed in all parking lots always, but it isn't always clear where off leash starts after that. so there should probably be off leash trail signs about 50 yards out of the lots where the trails are off leash.

i hope to have time to photoshop a map so it's easier to see what i'm talking about. i also think that a map at the trail heads with on leash trails clearly marked- maybe in red- would be helpful.

it would also be helpful to post what the fines for non compliance are. I know we don't want signs up all over, but a little bit might go a long way.

we met 2 runners and 3 groups walking with dogs this morning, everyone cordial and well behaved. dogs leashed where they should be, checked to see if it was OK to let them approach, etc.

saw 2 owls in the grove- have to go back with the big camera- this pic isn't so good. it was lovely and peaceful there this morning, hearing the mourning doves and other birds singing. editorial note- i wouldn't be comfortable in there by myself in the morning, which is where dogs come in for a lot of women who exercise by themselves.

the flowers continue to bloom. yellow one is desert parsley of some sort, next a bachelor button. i always wonder if these are here from some old farmstead, or if birds brought them and now they just keep reseeding. don't think it's a wildflower, but i could be wrong- if anyone knows, let me know.

next, my favorite- i don't know why exactly- buckwheat just starting to show. and a mystery plant which i have tentatively identified as a thread stalk locoweed, but i could be way off....

here's to another day started off right.

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