Thursday, May 8, 2008

wake up call

chloe and tuck, sent in by renee cawley. thanks renee- hope to meet you at wednesday's meeting.

i talked with a woman yesterday who is uncomfortable that our meeting is at the foothills learning center next wednesday, discouraged by yesterday's meeting and not sure whether to trust r2r dog.
anyone who has read the posts on this blog should have a pretty good idea what we think.

i personally feel like maybe this whole thing was a needed wake up call to get dog owners organized.
the reality is that there are dog owners who do not watch their dogs, do not pick up poop, who allow their dogs to run up to people and other dogs without asking if it's ok, who let their dogs chase runners and mountain bikes and wildlife. those people are not the majority, but they are visible and they cause problems for the rest of us.

it's not our job to be the police, but i believe that we have a responsibility to work with the city to resolve the issues. i also believe that if we put forth a good faith effort it will go a long way toward preserving access.

paula, margie and i are just 3 dog owners who enjoy biking, hiking and running in the foothills with our dogs and want to be able to continue to do so with them off leash. we are going to put the best effort we can into maintaining access.

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