Friday, May 23, 2008


Lots going on. met with Forrest & Angeli to talk about 501c3 yesterday. Looks like we'll put that on hold and incorporate as a non profit with the state for the time being. As we see what the needs for funding are down the road we can always apply.

Jodi Peterson came up with the great idea of having leashes available at trailheads for people who forgot them. She found sponsors- Zamzows and Windermere/Richard B Smith Real Estate and talked to Dave Gordon about putting up hooks.

Boise Trail DOG is looking for volunteers to monitor the leashes daily. These are the areas where there will be hooks: Camelsback Trailhead Kiosk, 9th Street Kiosk, the Grove TrailheadKiosk, Lower Hulls Gulch Trailhead Kiosk, Cottonwood Creek Trailhead Kiosk, Freestone Creek Trailhead kiosk. The goal is to keep about 10 leashes per trail. if you can help, please email me at or call 866-6306.

Love Jodi's idea because it is exactly the type of proactive positive approach we need.

We will be sending a letter with recommendations to the FCAC. Will post here next week after they have had a chance to read it. Thanks to all of you who contributed ideas in the meeting, via email and in conversation.

On to this morning- the sage smelled so good after last night's rain, and the little bit of drizzle in the air really brought out the green against the gray sky. One solo runner, one group of 3 and one other gal with a dog. Lovely, quiet way to start the day.

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