Saturday, May 24, 2008

trail 1

got a late start today- 10 am! oh no! so we went up the road. parking lot not too full.

beautiful morning. 4 groups of mountain bikers- all very nice and thanked me for getting the dogs off the trail. one group of runners, ditto.

not as many flowers on this trail. there are lupine along the edge that are just getting ready to bloom. a few random flax (blue) some of these little white flowers- i never have figured out what they are. the yellow one seems to be low hawksbeard.

not much trash today- shotgun shell, some old dried poop.

slowing down for all of the foot and bike traffic and dogs traffic on the road i noticed the tall orange penstemon and the evening primrose blooming in lower hull's.

will have to make a point of an evening walk with the nikon to get some good photos.

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