Saturday, May 31, 2008

poop scoop

thanks so much to everyone who came out to help clean up the trails! we had a great turn out, and things were pretty clean.

here are a few reports from scoopers:

"we went out into the owls roost trail this past week on thursday evening and collected eight grocery bags full of poop and trash."

Corrals: " I was out there this morning, but didn't see anyone else - I must have been early. I picked up a grocery bag full of doggie poo and left it in the garbage can at the trailhead. Most of the faeces on the trail, particularly out near the junction with Hard Guy, was not from dogs - horses, deer, cows and coyotes were all represented. I left that all in place."

"Just thought I'd give you a "report from the field." I decided not to do Military Reserve, but instead met friends ....and we did the first mile or so of the Homestead Trail above Harris Ranch. The trail was remarkably clean; between the three of us, we maybe got five pounds of poop, and most of that was old. So folks must be doing their part! Also, we received several "thank yous" from various trail users: mountain bikers, hikers and dog walkers alike.Hope other trail volunteers had similar positive experiences!"

"Stats FYI

Friday, May 30, 2:30pm: 15 dog piles @ Harrison Hollow
Saturday, May 31, 7:30pm: 10 dog piles @ Harrison Hollow + 3 cigarette butts, 1 pop can, and 1 Tootsie Roll wrapper

...all within 1 mile of main trailhead entry point (dead-end road behind Healthwise building) "

heard about positive response from many folks that the scoopers met on trails, and most of the trails were in good shape- exceptions being the bike trailhead at corrals and some of the busier lower trails.

the IHS was a big help- providing water, snack, bags & volunteers.

again, many thanks to everyone!

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