Thursday, May 22, 2008

morning walks

i was thinking yesterday about how much it offends me to be painted with a "doesn't care about the resource or other people because she wants to use the foothills with off leash dogs" brush. i love the foothills. i pick up after my dogs (and other people's dogs). i work with a trainer so that my dogs are good citizens. on the occasion my husband and i talk about living somewhere else, we always come back to how much we appreciate having this resource right outside of our door. anyone who has read this blog can see that i get excited about the wildflowers, and seeing wildlife. in fact- saw a tanager this morning- very cool!

it's just like saying all mountain bikers are bad, or all kids are unruly- the people who are responsible, and they are the majority- are just not as visible as those who cause problems.

i really think we need to work together, because we share many of the same issues. the foothills reserves are threatened by many things- increased traffic of all kinds- vehicular, bicycle and foot, encroaching development, noxious weeds, etc., etc. singling out one user group doesn't seem to be the best approach to long term preservation.

anyway- enough of the soapbox.

3 groups of runner without dogs, two groups of runners with dogs and 2 walkers with dogs- both of whom were carrying full poop bags- yay! one mountain biker. what happens when i get up there around 6:30- it's busier.

4 or 5 bags of OPP. some probably coyote judging by the hair in it, but poop is poop to most people.

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