Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ticketing Has Begun

I've been out a lot lately doing my R2R Ranger duties. The hounds and I have enjoyed every outing. The trails are in great shape and 90% of the people I've run into have been following all the trail rules. There has also been less poop (I'm usually either in the Hulls area or on Bob's Trail) as well. Everyone keep up the great work!

I noticed some bird watchers out on Hull's the last few times there. This is also encouraging. Bird watchers don't go where there are no birds. So despite the heavy use Hulls experiences, birds are doing well enough that the watchers are out. :)

Today I spoke with a couple that had recently been ticketed for having a dog off leash in an on leash area. I'm thrilled that Boise PD is out there helping us by enforcing the rules. They were good sports about it, but mentioned how confusing it is up there. Please everyone, pay attention to the signs. The signs are there. As you start of a trail you'll see a sign saying "Dog On Leash Trail" or "Dog Off Leash Trail". Please heed these signs. The biggest offenders I'm running into are in the parking areas. I cannot stress enough the importance of having your dog on leash in the parking areas. Why? It's dangerous, for one. I've had to help capture a dog on a busy weekend morning. Cars are coming and going, dogs can get hit -- as can small children if they are running around. Also, if you are getting ready to hit the trail and not watching your dog, that's when it goes and poops by the trash cans or by the trail etiquette signs. That will get us kicked off trails for sure. We must pay attention to our dogs so we don't miss a "pick up oppportunity". :)

Most of all I appreciate all everyone is putting into helping us keep our off leash trails. Your efforts are showing! Thank you!

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