Friday, May 16, 2008

poop chronicles

although i really don't want to be the poop chronicler, there were a few this morning that sort of amazed me, so here they are.

i don't even need to say anything about the first 2, but the third one- how do you not notice that your dog is perched on a sagebrush defecating? unless your dog is nowhere near you- but this one was certainly right by the trail.

on a more attractive note, the bachelor buttons are starting to pop out, and it was a lovely morning. 3 groups of dogless runners, 2 others with dogs- one off leash in the off leash area and one on leash in the on leash areas, 2 walkers with dogs and 3 mountain bikers. it's getting busier in the mornings. and will continue to as it gets warmer. everyone was very nice & polite and seemed happy to be out.

have a great day!


Katy said...

I walked my dogs on the trail above Bob's this morning and watched a man walk his dog to the trailhead, from the condos bordering the golf course, let the dog poop then turn around and go home. No picking it up, no walk in the foothills. For this guy, the trails are strictly his dog's bathroom. I've seen this behavior quite a few times on Bobs, and mostly from the people living in those condos. Made me wonder how they'd feel if I started squatted on the number 9 (or 12, 18, whatever is framed by their dining room windows) green for my morning constitutional.

(I was too far away to say anything).

marianne said...

sounds like a good place for some enforcement to me :) we all know it happens, it's a good thing to document- like the known dogs that are turned loose to run day after day. maybe we can figure out a way to help the city enforce the rules with these folks too.