Monday, October 20, 2008

today's head scratcher

great way to start the work week- nice morning, the standard beautiful sunrise and very mild, pleasant weather.... i love fall!

here's another one of those doesn't happen on leash moments, courtesy of halle the goof ball...

saw this woman & her dogs headed our way. one a husky, walking ahead of her and one an older mid sized mix lagging behind. we sat on the side of the trail & i called "we'd rather not say hi to your dogs"

she replied "my problem is that i have one that's young & one that's old and they move at different speeds"

i said "that's nice, i'd rather they don't come over here"

she just looked at me (she had the husky's collar by now).

i said "my dogs play rough, and they could hurt your older dog" (what the heck, they could knock her over). she waited for the older dog (who, from what i saw, could have been merrily pooping down the trail and owner would never have known) and grabbed its collar and walked by.

so, why would having a young dog and an older dog excuse a person from carrying leashes? they're actually sort of a handy tool.

the woman was very nice, her dogs were fine- no lunging, etc as they walked by, no problem there, just a disconnect.

oh well.....trails looked pretty good for after a weekend.

4 with and 2 without- have a great week!

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