Friday, October 10, 2008


it was nippy out this morning. we didn't have a pretty pink sunrise, but the frost made up for that with nice flocking & edging on the foliage.

we survived an encounter with stroller man & the labs. i am laughing at myself because of course it was fine. his dogs are not of the charging up to check things out variety, so i grabbed collars & walked out through the brush & the woman with him called the dogs (not sure how effective that was, since the black one- bodhi i believe- came around behind us, but he didn't get too close and all was fine). i was ready to let go of collars if we were charged. you just never know how owners or dogs are going to be and i'm glad it worked out that way.

5 with, 2 without, all well behaved & following the rules when i saw them.

have a great weekend!

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