Thursday, October 2, 2008

don't want to lose it

finally back on track with the early morning outings. just echo this am, will take halle at lunch. he is making great strides- walked by barking lunging fence fighting dogs easy as pie, and good by other good dogs in the reserve today. it just takes time and effort.

which many of us have put in over the past several months to preserve our off leash access. things have improved considerably. there are still some boneheads who just don't get it, as is true with every user group.

i am fortunate enough to be able to walk from my door to a trail where i can start the day in a beautiful setting with my dogs. it is hard to describe why it's important to me to be able to let them off leash. a practical reason is that it would be difficult to run with both on leash on the narrow trails. and when an off leash dog comes running up (which is inevitable) it becomes a rodeo where i get the worst of it for obeying the rules.

harder to explain, but equally important to me is the joy i get from watching the dogs enjoy the sights & smells of the trail. sometimes they just take off running- not something that would happen if leashed. sometimes they putter along the edges of the trail sniffing & leaving messages- probably not going to happen if leashed- i don't have that much patience. they can play, which they can't do tethered. it also makes me feel good to know that i have dogs with recall. we train on our walks- sit stay come. it's a process, but one worth engaging in, and i want to be able to enjoy the place we've gotten to.

two loose dogs, no person in sight cruising the trail below these homes. otherwise, all was good.

3 with (2 off leash in the on leash area, both got their dogs when they saw us leashed), 4 without, poop sitch looked good.

have a great day!

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