Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Foothills Leash Update

FCAC Meeting Wed, Oct 1-

Enforcement Update-
Jeff Rosenthal of the Idaho Humane Society reported- first month of enforcement 158 warnings and 15 citations were written by the PET patrol. This includes parks outside of R2R.

Military Reserve- 35 warnings; 5 citations, constistently pretty poopy, esp. near the dog park
Hull's Gulch Area- 13 warnings; 2 citations, consistently pretty clean
Quarry View- 3 warnings

It was generally agreed that efforts and peer pressure in the Hull's area appear to be working. We still have opportunity in other areas.

Table Rock was called out as an area in need of special attention.

We need to figure out a way to make more impact in Military Reserve, particularly in the area around the dog park. Also needed is more education as to what under control off leash means. There are people who still think that anything goes once in an off leash area.

Ideas for how to approach these issues are welcome.

David Gordon is sticking with his June recommendation which suggests making all of lower Hull's Gulch (basically below the learning center) and all of lower Military Reserve (with the exception of an off leash trail from the dog park at military reserve to connect with off leash trails higher up) 100% on leash.

For a copy of the full recommendations, contact Julia Grant at

BTD editorial comment- Since conditions in Lower Hull's are acknowledged to be improved, we are not in agreement that the area needs to be made 100% on leash. We would be OK with extending the on leash area from parking lots to provide more of a poop buffer & reduce confusion, but would prefer to keep off leash trails available lower for a) exercisers b) elderly or handicapped people c) elderly or handicapped dogs.

FCAC approved Ridge to Rivers staff suggestion to make Polecat on leash only. Although there is no impact to Aase's Onion population from June- January when the plants are dormant the recommendation was made to be on leash all of the time to reduce social interaction conflicts and preserve wildlife values.

Thanks! Our hard work is making a difference-

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