Wednesday, October 29, 2008


wildlife article-

i guess i found the article in may, which would have been after the working group met, so it could not have been shared. my apologies for that mistake.

also, this is the process that was followed:

When it was first decided to gather a working group to look at dog related issues on trails back in January, we had a planned process that we (staff) had been directed to undertake by the FCAC. This process was on the R2R website, at the public open house and talked about in a number of newspaper articles (see info below). The Public Open House ended up also involving two weeks of public comment on how to address the 4 trends of concern. After the recommendations were made public and many people who had not participated in the public process were concerned how it would effect them. Since that time the FCAC has been listening to the concerns of many individuals while still trying to move ahead to send some recommendations to city council that address the 4 trends of concern.

Process for Arriving at Solutions

Timeframe Activity
February 6, 2008 Working Group Introduction
February 20, 2008 Public Open House
March-April 2008 Series of Working Group Meetings
Early April 2008 Recommendation to FCAC
Late April 2008 Recommendation to Boise City Council
Summer 2008 Implementation

i am still confused about the process, but for other reasons.

anyway- in the interest of being fair there you are.

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