Monday, October 6, 2008

monday oct 6

although i love fall and the cooler weather, i am not so crazy about it being this dark when it's nearly 7:30..... rats! might be time to readjust the schedule. one benefit is that there aren't many people out...but even with big dogs it doesn't seem too smart to be up here before sunrise.

and a beautiful sunrise it was....

the sage smelled great from this weekend's rain. the trails are sandy enough that they were pretty well drained.

we went through the scary trees to avoid stroller man with the black & yellow lab who i have never seen leashed. they may be good dogs, but i've seen the black one jumping around, and he was well in front of his people when halle & echo let me know there was a dog on the trail, so why deal with it? and, as a result, i got to see the Christmas show put on by the virginia creeper growing through the russian olive tree.

the dogs did very well- we had a runner coming in the park behind us with her leashed dog & they let me know she was there, but continued to heel as she came up behind us. yay! love those little victories!

5 with, one without, all leashed where they needed to be (that i saw).

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