Thursday, October 16, 2008

thursday october 16

out at about 7:45, cloudy, not too cold, a few colors in the sky.

everyone i encountered had dogs on- or off- according to the rules and was polite.

met up with a woman on chickadee with a lab & a small terrier. we were leashed & off trail, b/c the pups warned me someone was coming. if i just pay attantion to them, i don't get surprised. they always stop & look at me if there's a dog headed our way, giving me time to call them back & get situated. it's great. echo pointed out stroller family coming down off of chickadee, even tho they were pretty far away from us- but i followed what he was obviously watching.

anyway, we saw her, but she didn't see us, so the little dog came over to say hi. and i worked on making h & e sit. owner apologized which was good.

busy- 7 without, 6 with.

this is the new volleyball court in camel's back. next to the tennis courts. i still maintain that an off leash area in the park would help with some of the dog issues in the reserve. people need a place they can throw a ball for their dogs. and they want it to be somewhere they can walk to.

there should be room in the neighborhood parks to accomodate the needs of the neighborhood. providing, of course, that the users are good stewards.

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