Thursday, October 23, 2008

color everywhere!

cold, but beautiful, again. here's what happens when trying to take photos with gloves on with my camera........the on/off button is very small and right next to the picture snapper button (a technical term). i may have to try glove liners, or suffer for my art.

one good thing about cleaning up after the dog is that it's instant hand warmer :)

i was noticing that the rabbitbrush is pretty bloomed out, and the trees are really coming into their full fall glory. plan to go back to the beginning of the blog and look at the changes through the seasons. this is a beautiful, special place we have here. for it to be right out so many people's doors is just amazing...

went thru the scary trees for a change. the rose bushes have all sorts of hips one them- love the bright red. supposed to be full of vitamin c (i think that's the one). nice and quiet among the trees.... peaceful
we came out & saw a woman coming down the hill with one dog on leash & another crashing through the brush nearby (on leash area). promptly turned & went out the other direction. anymore if i see a dog not on the trail near the owner my mind says "danger danger" and we look for a way to stay away. so much easier!

the dogs are getting better at passing on trails, and at sit stays, but it helps when training them to do so in a controlled environment. i don't want to test it against unruly dog bounding up until i a) have only 1 dog with me or b) am pretty sure they will hold, even though it may not be fair to ask them to do so.

that was the only other dog/dog group we saw today. and 6 without.

happy thursday!

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