Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday sept 20

lovely hike on trail 1 this morning. haven't been up there in a while. almost hit a husky on 8th st driving up. the owner was running, the dog was ahead out of her sight running down the side of the road i was driving on. luckily i was going slow.

dogs always seem happy to be on trails they haven't seen for a while- lots of new smells to investigate.
the city views are great from this trail.
the other thing i like about it is that it's not very busy, and i usually run into mt bikers who are usually quite friendly & nice, as was the case today. 5 bikers/ groups of. one guy riding with his dog. he & i had a nice chat while our dogs visited. he asked if it was ok for his girl to come up to my dogs, which is great.
the parking lot was getting busier when we came back down. including clueless golden owner who set off toward the interpretive trail with 2 dogs. i saw the golden coming back down the trail and wondered if maybe he wasn't with her after all. was about to go check the tags when she came back around the corner calling (to no avail).
there was a couple setting off for a run with their wiemie, and they had to run the gauntlet of this woman and her 2 uncontrolled dogs before they could get started. there was no snarling or grumping, but the golden owner did not have control of her dog.
anyway- happy sunday!

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