Tuesday, September 1, 2009

be kind to ALL trails!

i took one of my old german shorthairs into harrison hollow this morning for a change (and watched some of my colleagues heading into work - once again i'm grateful for my alternative schedule!) and encountered appalling amounts of OPP. the piles were noteworthy for many reasons: they seemed to go on endlessly; they were often right ON the trail or just off of it and so obvious you really couldn't miss them; and they were *huge*. some people's dogs are must be being fed super-cheap dog food because they're certainly not absorbing it! yuck. thanks to dave (out walking with nelly and griff, a yellow lab and a griffon) for picking up as many agentless piles as he could.

repeating marianne's observation that "off-leash access is a privilege, not a right," private landowners can cut off trail access at any time. the more we can do to be polite, pick up after our dogs, and stay on the trails, the better!

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