Tuesday, September 15, 2009

because it's the right thing to do. period.

i think that we need a full court press public service announcement campaign about picking up up just because it's the right thing to do. on leash, off leash, trails, parks, street, sidewalk, your yard, my yard, school yard. i think that this has been framed too much about being about one location and situation and it's not.

dog owners get up in arms when they perceive a loss of access, but maybe we're looking at it backwards. we could probably have our pets welcome more places by being more responsible dog owners.

i am really tired of going through 12 poop bags nearly every day picking up opp and still running out of bags, of hearing about what a mess military reserve or corrals is, of making a side trip through the grade school yard because i see a pile in the middle of the playground, of detouring around a pile in the middle of the sidewalk.

having a dog is a responsibility. included in that responsibility is proper care for the dog (including training to keep him/her and society safe) and disposing of the dog's waste. not that hard.

anyway- beautiful calm morning. 5 with, 5 without, all following the rules & very pleasant. empty camel's back at 7:45. happy trails!

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