Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my own private idaho

i love it when the dogs & i seem to be the only ones for miles around! things are slowing down- only 5 with & 4 without this morning, and long stretches without seeing a soul....

in the off leash area, we encountered a gal talking on her cell with a young yellow lab trotting down the trail in front of her. i made sure she saw me leash up. she continued to talk on the phone & made a half hearted attempt to call the dog, who ignored her.

i screwed up- should have kept walking, but i didn't. so i dropped halle's leash when i became clear that the lab was staying loose. halle jumped up to play, the pup grumped, echo & i walked by & the woman said "sorry, sorry"- may have still been on the phone. no problem, but she did know she should have had her dog under better control.

when we got past her i noticed that her sweatshirt had the name of a local dog walking company on it. note to self- never call that company to walk my dogs. not enough attention being paid. (i don't get the whole talking on the cell phone thing while out enjoying nature anyway, but that's just me, and a whole different tangent!)

most of the people in the park have dogs with them.....
happy trails!

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