Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday~Military Reserve

Trail 22B and 22 need some TLC.
I bagged 4 green bags FULL this a.m. and ran out of time.
The intersection at the top of the hill seems to be as popular as the area around the creek bed for pooping and ignoring it.

Pulled goatheads along the fence and picked up poop in the parking lot as well.
If anyone is over that needs love.

Also, there is a guy that frequents these trails in a red Ford bronco UY368 or something like that (I wrote it on my sweaty hand and it of course is gone). He has 2 huge dogs that look like Irish Setters only speckled like a spaniel. Beautiful and sweet dogs! The owner has yet to pick up his dogs poop or leash them. He's a big guy and I have no idea how to encourage him to follow the rules. :) He just ignores me offering a dog bag.

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