Friday, September 4, 2009

can you see them?

stopped to chat with lauri & let halle terrorize her pup a bit when we noticed movement in the brush. this is between red fox & chickadee- there were 6-8 does & fawns in the brush. it quickly became clear that if they settled down among the sagebrush & bitterbrush you would never know they were there. in fact, i looked from other points on our walk & never did see hide nor hair again....

what an awesome thing to see! and a good reminder of why dog owners should keep their pups in sight close to the trail. we don't see a lot of what's out there.

beautiful morning! it's so quiet in the mornings now. the blackbirds seem to have all migrated off somewhere else. bullfrogs no longer singing. but the quiet is wonderful too. i love going through the seasons and watching the changes. this is why i enjoy walking- i can pay much more attention to what's around me.....

7 with, 6 without. one dog off in the on area, but owner leashed up right away when he saw us. everyone polite & friendly.

what's with the trend to the big ear covering headphones? husband tried to call on your left several times last week and the runner never did hear him, so she was startled when he (slowly) began to pass her on his bike. as a woman, i also can't imagine being out in the hills alone without being able to hear what's going on around me, but maybe that's just me. plus, as you may have noticed, i enjoy the sounds as part of the experience.

no kids anywhere, runners & grass mowers in the park.
happy trails, have a great weekend & thanks for helping us keep things clean!

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