Thursday, September 24, 2009

Military Reserve 9/24~

Hello!!! Dave and I had an absolutely marvelous walk with our doggies tonight.
Only 1 dork on a mountain biker that barreled down the hill BUT he had a little kid riding behind him so I gave him bonus points for taking his kid out :)

I had this thought while we were out there...
What if, just what if we tried using another approach to OPP. What if instead of negative reinforcement or in conjunction with R to R and Parks and Rec we started doing some positive reinforcement???
What if we had different sponsors - Zamzows, the Falcon, NWBS, anyone who wanted to donate a small but fun type of gift or gift certificate.
My thought was - there would be a team of Boise Trail Dog people that handed out - I don't know...clips, pins something small and not too "OMG" ish...
after a person has accumulated say 3 or 5 of these they can turn them in and get "A FREE BURGER AT THE FALCON" or a beer or a bag of treats from Zamzows or????
You get my idea right? Like a brownie merit badge. I would be more than happy to have something made up and donate them ~ it just seems like we are focusing on having loads of poop. Perhaps my posts will change and my thought process as well to "hey, the trails looked great today!" I picked up 20 OPP's but it was MY choice to do so, no one made me.
And then maybe then energy will be passed on to someone who normally wouldn't have bent over to get the steaming pile and all of a sudden...they bend down right before my very eyes and PICK IT UP!
It is possible. Just a thought...
Our badges or reward system could be done anywhere, not just the trails. It might be a good way to get word out about Boise Trail Dog as well...thoughts? feedback?

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