Monday, September 21, 2009

monday morning

someone added their own bags supply to the kiosk in camel's back. probably needed with all of the traffic this weekend! someone did mention to me seeing more out of stock bag dispensers and maybe that being part of the reason for some of the increased poop.

it would be nice if all dog owners carried bags with them, but the reality is that isn't how it works. the easier we make it for people to doo the right thing the more likely they will. i would like to see pvc bag holders added to the trash cans along the trails. we could fill with plastic bags and i bet more poop would be picked up.

beautiful, and wonderfully lonely, morning. the only other folks we saw were ginger the vizsla & her person. a still life in the trail.......

fall colors starting to emerge.
recyclables from hyde park street fair.....

and an empty park, except for hpsf remnants.
the fair was, as always, fun. when i was there (which not not all of the time, so this is just what i observed) i saw a lot of dogs, but very few (if any) problems. i didn't notice a big poop problem, didn't hear any snarling, from dogs or owners (or non dog owners). most all (dogs and owners) seemed well behaved. i do have some vendor friends who saw a "dog fight" in front of their booths, but that's the only bad thing i heard about.
again, that was just my experience, i'm sure that there are plenty of other points of view, which folks are welcome to share.
happy trails!

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