Wednesday, September 23, 2009


met with parks department to talk about a public service campaign about picking up poop. everywhere all the time. about engaging conservation groups, utilities and dog related groups & businesses.

in preparing for the meeting, i did some googling and found out some interesting things.

the ickiest headline by far was "it's not just on the lawn, it's in your drinking water"

this link is pretty informative, with lots of facts from all over, including:

LIPA USA Reports “3.6 billion pounds of dog waste/year is produced in the United States alone, equaling 800 football fields, one foot high. This is a hidden health issue that no one wants to "touch" as approximately 50 million registered dogs in the United States produces more than 5,000 tons of waste daily.”

one fascinating find was that dog owners in ithaca new york are composting waste from one of their dog parks. if the experiment works they may be able to sell the end product and raise money. read about it here. the seattle zoo sells zoo doo for garden compost. sounds like this may be usable for deep soil work, and in flower gardens.

i found another blog, with a dog owner & stray dog feeder who has set up a dog waste composting station on their property. read about that here.

we talked about adding pet stations, as that does seem to help. i asked for plastic tubes that we can fill ourselves on the trash cans farther in where there are no bags.

if any of you have any great ideas, please pass them on. and in the meantime- doo the right thing!

have a great day!

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