Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Just a little afterthought~
I walked in Military Reserve last night with my dogs under an almost full moon and felt so lucky to have the foothills available. Everyone I met was polite and friendly when I was polite and friendly. Funny how that works!
Again today I was lucky enough to get a jaunt in without the dogs. I took the camera with me and stopped often to check out the scenery.
People, I highly recommend this! Stop once and a while and look at what's growing. Say hello to people biking or running by, or simply smile :).
It's rare to have a place like the Boise Foothills. There are times when I see so many people I wonder who isn't out there and times when I don't see another soul.
It's such a gift! I am certain many problems have been solved just by taking a stroll out there.

And on a dog/poop note~picking up OPP is like changing somebody's kid's diaper! It's disgusting AND many of us do it because we don't want to lose our privileges. Encourage your friends to pick up after their pets if need be. OK-sorry to be so long winded!

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