Saturday, June 20, 2009


we had a nice morning for the scoop, and saw some friends who came out to help. made some new friends too. its' always fun to meet people & their dogs & talk about the trails & what we can do to maintain access.
here's our "this is 30 ft" tape. this is between the markers in the lower hull's parking lot. just to give an eyeball of what about 30 ft (which is the distance dogs should be within- closer if that's what it takes to have them in eyesight- on off leash trails.)
thanks to the idaho humane society, bob smith, mary westerlund, charlie & ilene, tracy, those of you whose names i didn't get and everyone else who has put in extra time to pick up lately. every little bit helps.
here are a few shots from yesterday. it was a crazy day, just now getting things downloaded.

happy trails!

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