Wednesday, June 24, 2009

probably a good thing i don't have 2 legged kids....

on the way to the reserve this morning we passed a woman that we often see out- both in the reserve & on north end streets. she is a small woman who has 2 black labs. one is older now, and can't run with her any more, tho i still see all 3 walking together sometimes.

this woman seems nice, is polite, but the dog(s) are always off leash, and always behind her. they don't bother us, which i really appreciate. in fact, she will often cross the street before i can just to give us all room to pass.

today i watched her dog pee in a front yard, while she kept trucking down the street. i was half hoping to see the dog assume the hunched position so i could offer a bag, but that didn't happen. the other thing that DID happen is that the dog ate something it found on the ground in the yard.

we had 3 dogs get into antifreeze. figured it out quickly, got them to the animal emergency hospital (the old one on chinden) and dr. durland pulled them through. it was a scary scary experience. and the only reason they survived is because i got them there early. once symptoms show it is too late.

so as a practical matter i like to be able to keep an eye on my dogs and see what they're doing. helps me be a better neighbor and clean up after them, also keeps them safer.

same thing with letting them mouse. tara followed a rock chuck under a pile of rocks once. that was the first time i ever heard a rattlesnake. scared me to death. steve pulled her back, her tongue was bleeding. we were in the middle of nowhere (a few hours from jordan valley). evidently either the snake had used all of its venom on the rodent or tara bit her tongue when steve pulled her back because she was fine, but that was the end of me thinking mousing was an acceptable pastime.

am i overly concerned? maybe. but not only does keeping an eye on our dogs keep them safer, it helps us be better neighbors & reduces opportunity for friction.

anyway- another beautiful morning!

4 with and 4 without.
happy trails!

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