Tuesday, June 2, 2009

june 2 2009

another great walk to start the day. echo still restricted to on leash short walks (he feels fine and doesn't quite understand why, so that's fun), so just halle & me.

i wish i had the audio for this shot. the bullfrogs are starting to sing adding their bass to the music created by the blackbirds, meadowlarks, orioles & other birds.
this pic made me wonder if this woman has ever been tripped up by a loose dog running up to her dog, who is attached to her waist. her dog is very good- pacing nicely and didn't show any interest in halle or me, but if a dog charged up could be another matter.

all dogs and owners behaving and following the rules.

another busy morning- 9 with & 9 without, including 3 bikes.
oriole singing in the tree again-

orange globe mallow-

bachelor buttons-

scenic vista-

we had a user group meeting last night and it was great to hear that complaints are less than they have been. most of the group members mentioned that our trail experiences have been positive for the most part, and that feeling was confirmed by david gordon.
i am still appalled by the amounts of opp that i'm picking up, but if i look at last year in june i bet i see the same comments. it seems to cycle. we just need to keep plugging away.
next trail awareness day will be june 13, and we're going to be on a lower trail this time, to catch more walkers.
have a great afternoon!

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