Monday, June 29, 2009

monday june 29

another beautiful day! we went a bit earlier this am, but still got to share the morning with 20 of our closest friends..... well- 9 groups w/o dogs and 7 with, but most were more than one person.

for those of you who have wondered, as i did, what the white stuff growing in the marsh is, it's hemlock. noxious weed. r2r killed a bunch of it last year, but it's back (why it's noxious). these folks have lots of threats to the resource to manage, i don't envy them. i've heard there are a few nice patches of poison ivy out there too. if you don't know what that looks like, might want to find out.

spoke with a man who saw a rattlesnake on the hill above red fox near the trash can that's above the pond. he was carrying a golf club to keep snakes away from him & his dog if necessary. so watch your dogs & kids.

anyway- gorgeous morning-
happy trails! have a great monday!

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