Tuesday, June 9, 2009

june 9

echo is still on restricted activity. at least i can jog with him (good for BOTH of us). not a moment too soon, as he ate part of steve's wallet again. guess i better order some new bones & start freezing kongs again..... and getting him tired out!

so we went for a run/walk around the 'hood and then halle & i headed for the hills. we ran into bodhi & ilene on the way and had a nice visit.

bodhi does the "i'm so happy that my whole body shakes" dance quite often. it makes me smile.
halle kept trying to entice him to play, but no dice, so they ended up trotting down the trail together.
it was a beautiful morning! i found out that bullfrogs are a nasty invasive species who eat and run out most other living organisms. this may diminish my enjoyment of hearing them sing in the mornings a bit.

then i remembered that the whole wetlands is artificial anyway (there was a stream, and springs, but it wasn't a pond like it is now). everything we do impacts that natural environment. who's to say that one activity that has an impact is any better (or worse) than another. excepting clear issues like bulldozing, or leaving trash, or not picking up poop.

anyway- sunny, cool, great morning.

fairly busy. 4 with, 9 without. all polite & following the rules.

happy trails! we still need volunteers for this weekend!

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