Thursday, June 18, 2009

the end of lend a leash

i put the last of the lend a leashes out this weekend. when they're all gone the hooks will come down. it was a great idea, and jodi peterson did a great job getting leashes donated, but after a year of watching leashes disappear almost as fast as we put them out- i think we had over 500 of them taken- we're calling uncle.

many thanks to jodi, zamzow's, richard b. smith/windermere, erik kingston & everyone else who helped make this happen.

speaking of leashes, these folks had their dog off leash in the on leash area coming in from 10th st/ camel's back. i asked them not to let their dog come up to us, and they said no problem & leashed up, but when i thanked them i got no response. oh well.

another beautiful day! better yet- i am able to run a bit (and so is echo) and neither one of us hurt after- yay! it feels GOOD to get out & sweat and tho i will never go very far or very fast it doesn't matter.

sego lilies blooming- more of them visible now than there were the other day, and this one was such a nice bright pink with the sun shining through it.

this hummingbird just sat on this old dead stalk while i tried to get a good picture. as you can see, i didn't succeed, but i'm sharing anyway! i think it's always so fun to see them actually perched somewhere.
while the trail crews were working on trails yesterday, the road graders were out too.

3 with, 8 without, including 2 groups of mt bikes.
happy trails!

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