Wednesday, June 17, 2009

june 17

a beautiful morning! maybe i should get a wagon to hitch these guys to...... they could drive me around town :)

things are getting a little poop-y again. if i lived in these houses right at the entrance to the reserve i think i'd be more than a little annoyed.
poop scoop saturday- please join us! we'll be in the parking lot by the learning center from 8-12. of you can't make it then, any additional pick up will be appreciated. got a nice note from both jim hall and david gordon thanking us for organizing the clean up.

the trail crew was out fixing the effects of the past few days' monsoons.
great sky over the hills....

have i mentioned that i love sagebrush? and it smelled great as it always does after the rain.

do you see the dog in this pic? neither do i- but there was one bounding through the brush far off the trail. looked like maybe a drahthaar or wirehaired pointer.
belonging to one of these women, who occasionally whistled for him/her.
and leashed the dog up when in the on leash area, and were very nice and carrying poop bags. but still. how do you pick up poop when you can't even see the dog? what about rattle snakes & cheat grass & coyotes? and even more of a problem- what about the people who want to make all trails on leash because they worry about dogs disturbing ground nesting birds and fox & coyote dens?
lest anyone think the problems are confined to the reserves, i saw this on the way home. why would anyone stop long enough to bag poop buy not walk 4 ft to put it in the trash?

some mother's kids!
hope to see you saturday! happy trails...

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