Saturday, June 13, 2009

friday & saturday

crazy day yesterday, so tho we did have our hike i didn't have time to post, so here's catch up.

echo's knee isn't bothering him at all, & doesn't seem swollen. he's good about staying on the trail & doesn't dash about like halle so i let him explore. the ability to check out new smells seems to be as important as the physical activity of the walk.

it was a beautiful morning, with lovely dramatic clouds. the sage smelled good after thursday's rain. the russian olives are blooming right now & smell wonderful too. a few new flowers. not sure what this is. looks like some sort of clover to me, but i could be all wet. i think that this one is hawk's beard. maybe.

as usual these days, lots of folks out. 7 with and 9 without. all following rules & polite.

saturday was this month's trail awareness day. we set up a table at the camel's back entrance to the park & talked to people about sharing the trails. folks from swimba, from boise trail dog & rich, who is a ranger, helped out.
this was a fun event- we counted over 200 people in the 4 hours we were there. pretty evenly split between runners & bikers, with a few walkers & dogs thrown in. people were very friendly, wanted to know why we were there and were very complimentary about our efforts.
next trail awareness day will be in july in military reserve.
happy trails!

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