Tuesday, June 16, 2009

june 16

i was soooooooooo happy to wake up to no rain this morning! echo & i ran a bit around the neighborhood, then we all headed to the reserve.

beautiful morning.

birds singing and flying around. i don't get the while ipod thing while out in nature. i love the sounds of the birds and the wind. as a practical matter, i want to be able to hear what's going on around me (especially as a woman who is usually alone- with the dogs- when i'm in the hills).
mushrooms growing in the dry old cheat grass. enough of that!

sego lilies starting to bloom-

everyone leashed where they should be and most people polite. 5 with & 5 without.

the guy with the rott female and bad flexi technique was there again this am. i managed to avoid them, but i heard this woman (below) calling her dog off, scolding it and making it sit. and the dog was probably reacting perfectly normally for a dog whose space was invaded due to cluelessness on the part of rott man. we'll just stay far far away.....

trails were in good shape, even after all of that rain. have a great week!

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