Wednesday, June 10, 2009


beautiful day. a new round of flowers. i always call this fleabane, but am not sure if that's accurate...
and the bachelor buttons turning the hillside blue

nice slate skies over the green today- it was beautiful

echo is still restricted, but driving me crazy so i figured that he's be ok on leash (that was all doc p said- limited off leash activity) on the trails. which is good training anyway.
there's a dog in this photo somewhere. we saw this gal & raja- a young lab mix maybe- coming down chickadee. i sat halle & echo & called "we don't want to play" she laughed. i said i'm serious, please don't let your dog come over. so she called raja & leashed up. i explained about the knee as she went by.

i picked up a fair amount of opp, and saw several dogs well behind or out of sight of their people today, but no one bothered us and the dogs were leashed where they needed to be.
i have had a few reports of rattlers in lower hull's. so keeping the pups out of the tall weeds is a good idea.
7 with and 9 without. another busy day.
happy trails!

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