Monday, June 1, 2009

it's june!

we hit corrals early saturday- or so we thought! even at 7 am the small area on bogus & the bigger lot with the facilities were both pretty busy. lots of bike riders out early.

there are still cattle down along the trail. there's a good amount of water running in the creek. the water in the crossing to hard guy was pretty wide. everyone we encountered was very nice & friendly & complementary of sitting dogs. it was a great hike.

got an email from tracy saturday that during a 40 minute run she picked up 25 piles of opp, mostly at trailheads and near the trash cans. very nice. this is lower hull's- red fox to the learning center.

and i picked up at least another 1o just from the camel's back entrance to the 9th street kiosk this morning. so i guess we need to be out spreading the gospel on weekends. and have a poop scoop soon.

other than the opp start, today was very pleasant- if busy. 12 w/o, 3 of us with today.

oriole in the tree by the water tank.
not sure what this is, but it's a new bloomer-

beautiful skies this morning, with the clouds hanging up there.

a bit of trivia- did you know that the rain showers that are visible coming out of the clouds but not hitting the ground are called virga?

and a note from another trail user about a woman who runs with a chocolate lab mix named ellie. it seems that ellie's owner doesn't keep a very good eye on her and this person has seen ellie poop numerous times with the owner too far ahead to catch and offer a bag to. so if anyone knows ellie's owner & can talk to her about keeping an eye on and cleaning up after her dog that would be great.
have a great week! happy trails!

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