Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fcac april meeting

informative fcac meeting this morning! i now know that the swinging nests are made by northern orioles
and i know what an aase's onion looks like-

these tiny plants are found only in ada county.

in other fcac news, jim hall, the director of boise parks and recreation, wrote a letter to city council on monday giving his opinion that red fox should be off leash. he explained his reasoning to the fcac today and asked that they consider changing the recommendation to council to reflect his belief that there should be some off leash access in the lower reserves. a motion was made to have red fox from 15th st trail to the gate (the portion that is now off leash) remain off leash. the motion passed 7-3.

minutes were also ammended to reflect that the military reserve off leash option includes eagle ridge trail as well as eagle ridge loop trail.

still no word on how city council plans to proceed, but halle is pleased with the latest developments.

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