Thursday, April 30, 2009


maybe these people are right to think that there is a poop fairy- after all, lots of us pick up after them on a regular basis. i ran out of bags doing opp patrol this am.

i had someone ask me if doing the poop scoops was sending the wrong message- i.e. that you don't need to pick up because someone else will. i certainly hope not! hopefully it raises awareness that people should be responsible for their own messes, and we all need to pitch in and keep things in shape.

looks like the cheat is starting to dry up & get to that lovely stage where it is a danger to dogs' pads & ears & all points in between. i think echo may have to get used to wearing booties this summer, tho keeping him short & religiously checking him after walks worked last summer.

if you're skeptical about the problems cheat can cause, ask your veterinarian or talk to any of us who have paid to have it removed (twice from teddy's feet- requires anaesthesia)
wild onion (not aase's) getting ready to bloom on chickadee. right near the trail. saw a few plants.

and the beauty shots. it was another wonderful morning!

6 people/groups w/o dogs

5 with. all very polite & leashed where necessary. i was really impressed with the guy with 2 labs (or maybe a lab & a golden) who was behind us on the off leash part of red fox. i stopped to pick up opp & leash the dogs because i saw people heading toward us & we were almost out of the off leash area. he kept his dogs back and never let them get within an uncomfortable leashed/off leash distance. it was great.

halle was full of it this morning- nipping at echo on the way to the reserve until i caught her at it & made her stop. spring fever for all :)

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