Wednesday, April 8, 2009

getting busy in the mornings

as i was walking into the reserve from camel's back, i saw 2 people with dogs talking. good news- the dogs were leashed! a bit more challenging- one (a little terrier) was not sitting, but at the end of the leash. walked by, my dogs on my left, all good til the little terrier came over to say hi, echo went to say hi- i sat down.

no big deal, other than looking kind of dumb, especially after i tried to explain to the gal who was kindly asking if i'd ever tried using a haltie that my system worked just fine, thanks. which it does as long as i'm paying attention and not expecting people to see my dogs in a heel & keep theirs in the same.

it was totally operator error. fortunately the dogs didn't laugh at me- they sat down when i did & looked at me wondering why i was on the ground with them. maybe i better have a few cups of coffee before i head out.

possibly this is what happened to my sagebrush.... tho i don't know why idaho power would need to clear that dies of the road- except for a turn around.... who knows?
anyway- beautiful morning- the sky was that really pretty stormy blue/gray.

found this flower- it is a prairie star flower, member of the saxifrage family. (best wildflower book i've found for this area- sagebrush country- a wildflower sanctuary by ronald j. taylor)

getting busy again. may need to go back to one dog at a time, controlling the controllables, tho people are amazingly better about leashing up when they see me leashed or if we are seated to the side of the trail. the difference between now & last year this time is night and day.

8 with dogs, 3 groups/people without.

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