Friday, April 10, 2009

rats! and public input

rats on the wet weather. i have today off & was hoping for a nice long hike, but i fear it's too wet, so we went for a stroll through the neighborhood instead.

it sounds like some folks are sending in comments to mayor & council without actually knowing what the current ridge to rivers proposal is. public input is much more effective if it's factual.

send me an email at and i will forward the original letter from the fcac, the minority opinions & the BTD recs (note that the original recs have been updated to include red fox in lower hull's and all of eagle ridge trail). you can also contact julia grant ( ) for information.

at this point, there is no need to inundate mayor & council with feedback. they have lots on their plates dealing with budgeting issues. they will not make a final determination without some sort of public input. as i mentioned yesterday, we expect to hear something about next steps in the next few weeks.

in the meantime, nothing changes, so enjoy the trails responsibly.

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