Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wed april 29

first this public service announcement, in the form of an email from david gordon:

Hey Marianne -

I saw the article for the poop scoop - I appreciate your efforts and hope you get a good turnout! Along the lines of the need for this, my crew has been weed-eating the grass around our trailheads the past couple of days, and have dog poop sprayed on them from many of the grassy areas - primarily at Lower Hulls Trailhead and Miller Gulch (the Corrals Trailhead parking lot with the bathroom).....Nasty...dg

nasty indeed! and something i never thought about. so let's all get out and make an extra effort to get things cleaned up.

here's another one of those i just don't get. bagged. by the side of the trail. wet, so it's been there a while. do people still think that there is a trail crew or something out there to pick up after them?

besides that, and me feeling like i've been run over (thank heavens for being able to let the dogs off leash so they could run off some energy!), it was a beautiful morning. sage smelled great (as far as i could tell) as always after the rain.
bitterbrush is starting to bloom- this will be great over the next few weeks.
and the phlox & arrowleaf balsamroot brightening things up.
ran into ginger & suzie who were in hull's instead of their customary military reserve to avoid muddy trails. and laurie saw us talking with the leashed pups & got her lab leashed up before she ran by.

have a great day- go pick up some opp.

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Jan Mader said...

Love your blog. I'm a children's author but have decided to branch off and write about my other passion...animals (my own dogs for sure).

I'd love to have you come visit!