Monday, April 6, 2009

april 6

beautiful morning! i heard it was crazy in the reserves yesterday- which is why i stay away on weekends. very peaceful this morning.

the cheat grass is greening up, and flowers starting to show. this is fuzzy- will do better next time, but it's such a pretty little thing i'm posting anyway.
arrow leaf balsam root leaves poking up everywhere. out to be beautiful in a month or so.

another, different tiny yellow flower.
buckwheat leaves. these bloom in late summer and are one of my faves.

i don't want to go all militant dog owner, but i cannot pass this area, just inside the entrance from camel's back, without remembering that it once had signs to keep people off of the hill. the fence was farther down. at some point, the decision was made to let kids use it for a big sand box rather than continue to fight what was happening.
wonder what the discussion about that bit of degradation would have been like with the fcac?

it seems that many accommodations are made for children- that's why we are losing chickadee ridge and a large part of the reason the trails near the flc will be on leash.

i have a friend who took his child to a class at the flc. the children learned that dogs cause problems on the trails, especially for ground nesting birds. (not if they are under control- but that's another story). he asked afterwards if children ever caused problems and was told yes, but they didn't talk about that. why not? seems the perfect time for some education.

i don't have kids, but am happy to pay taxes for schools and soccer fields and green parks that i seldom use because i believe that these things are important to society. all i want is to be treated the same way.

one with dog, 2 without. happy trails!

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