Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wildlife morning

first thing we saw going into the park was 3 deer on the hill above camel's back-

they came down the hill, crossed the trail & disappeared into back yards at the end of 9th st. i was glad to have the dogs leashed. tho they have never shown any indication of chasing wildlife you never know and besides the obvious stress to the deer there's the added stress of doing the fishwife yell to get dogs back..... tho these 2 do have good recall, and the e collars help.

then we saw a kingfisher in this tree overlooking the pond. i always think these birds are so cool- don't know why, exactly, but it's a kick to see them.

otherwise, a gray day.... 3 w/dogs, one grp without. both other dogs owners leashed theirs when they saw me leash up halle & echo. it was really nice!
i've added a few videos- one of the redwing blackbirds singing away in the cattails off of red fox. note to fcac member tom baskin- i love hearing and seeing the birds here. i don't let my dogs go into the wetlands and disturb them, nor do most dog owners i see on the trail. maybe some signage explaining the importance of the area to wildlife would educate and address your concerns.
and the dogs enjoying a trot down the trail.....

have a great day!

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