Friday, March 6, 2009

possible new trail

it was a beautiful morning but i was afraid a bit too wet to be out on the trails. i did meet david gordon & bill eastlake to look at a possible connector trail from red fox
along the road

to the lower hulls/redcliffs trail

that would provide more off leash than the +/- 1 mile on red fox trail currently proposed. although this doesn't provide a loop, it would give off leash dog walkers a way to bypass the lower hull's parking lot and reduce congestion on red fox.

must be noted that nothing is done, we are simply looking at options, but this does seem to be a good possibility.

the fcac is meeting next wednesday, march 11 to come up with a recommendation for city council. city council has requested that the fcac's recommendations be formally submitted along with a report from members of the committee who do not agree with the recommendations (a minority report) and a list of issues that they do not feel have been resolved.

Boise Trail DOG has also been asked to submit a list of issues that we consider to be unresolved and a short list of proposed solutions.

we feel that, if a longer off leash option can be provided in lower hull's- and there are some possibilities- we can live with the last proposal made by ridge to rivers. this is the proposal that added elephant rock trail off leash in military reserve and red fox in lower hull's in response to testimony.

we believe that it's important to continue to gather information and to develop site specific baseline data for future decision making, as well as to involve and address all user groups' impacts going forward. it will be critical to have a better defined process for public input and decision making. the issues will not go away and we need to work together to ensure that we all share and protect the resource that we enjoy so much.

it was beautiful this morning-
and we fully support closing trails after 10 am during the wet season to protect our resource.
have a great weekend!

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