Monday, March 2, 2009

it's spring!

lovely walk with echo this morning- the blackbirds were going to town in among the cattails! it was quiet, too- we didn't see many other folks- just 2 other dog owners (doing what they should be doing) and 3 folks without dogs.

although the trails are pretty dried out, there are still spots that are not good. this wasn't goopy when we were out this morning, but it's pretty beat up.
this almost makes me wonder how many of the side trails that look dog caused in the summer are started by feet of the human variety in the winter... the side trail here has both shoe and paw prints.
then back at noon with halle. we all benefit from some one on one time!
it was beautiful! sunny, nearly 70- lots of people out. this woman put her dog on a leash (the dreaded flexi, but still a leash) right after i snapped this photo- probably b/c there was a runner with a leashed dog, and me- pretty busy.
the runner had the leash looped thru his dog's collar and as soon as he was on the uphill by the pond he held one end and let the other end slide through so the dog was off leash. in the on leash area, but i guess he figured he was safe. probably was too.

lots of cars...
the noon crowd was 13 of us with dogs- every one well behaved. there were a few leashed on red fox, so i leashed halle up & we practiced walking by calmly. there were 4 bike riders- one of whom thanked me for getting hal off the trail so he could finish his uphill. 7 runners/groups of w/o dogs- several thanks me for making halle heel as they went by.
everyone happy to be out in the sun enjoying the day!
off to texas tomorrow- back late wednesday.
the fcac meets wednesday am, they should come up with a recommendation for council at that meeting. stay tuned.....

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