Monday, March 30, 2009

what's next

i have been on the trails, i just haven't posted due to being taken somewhat aback at the fcac recs to council.

we have had some lovely walks, met plenty of well behaved dogs & owners and talked with other dog owners over the past week or so.

first- today's pics:

on the subject of the recs:
  • I realized why I was so surprised at the Council Work Session. I thought we were 95% of the way there with the motion passed in December, but the Chairman went in loaded for bear and told Council that the committee couldn't reach agreement. What part of a passed motion is not reaching agreement?
  • I would also like to note that the December recommendations reduce by half or slightly more than half current off leash trail access in the Lower Reserves and we weren't arguing with that.
  • Why is the FCAC wasting City Council's time with this? We had a passed motion. We had one small thing to iron out (a loop or other answer to increase the off leash opportunities in Lower Hulls), and have been talking with some FCAC members & with David Gordon about a possible fix. Now we have a recommendation that is not acceptable to dog owners and we cannot trust the actions of the committee.
  • In my opinion, this is the latest example of the FCAC paying lip service to taking public input then doing what suits leadership. We need a defined public process.
  • This proposal from the FCAC does nothing to address benchmarking current status of plants or wildlife, it does not address revisiting the plan in a specified period of time, it says nothing about defining public process or working with the user group. The proposal creates more rules that cannot be enforced and alienates responsible dog owners who have tried to work within the system.

I would like to point out that City Council has the final say. As soon as I know how that will proceed, I'll pass it on. I believe that they are reasonable and will question how a motion can be passed and then completely disregarded.

in the meantime, pick up, obey the leash laws & enjoy the spring weather!

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