Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday on corrals

we headed up to corrals at about 9:30 this morning. we were the only car in the lower lot, and there weren't many on the road. the trail was still frozen when we got up there.

it is really getting chopped up. this is mud. when it dries hard it stays choppy. hard to run or bike on. there's no one who goes in and smooths things out.

paws, feet, tires. this is coming up from the lower parking lot.
this is how things looked coming out at 11:30, starting to soften up. which is when the parking lot started filling up.

we also saw this- these two women took their dogs right down the trail past the trail closed sign.
i was called an elitist dog owner by a guy with a one year old golden who was not controlled when i asked him to call his dog. why can't people just call their dogs without it being a big deal? don't get it.
anyway. it was a beautiful morning. halle, echo, jackson & benson had a great walk and so did margie, caralea and i.

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