Monday, January 5, 2009

weekend trail report

notes from tracy:

i was on several diff trails below the learning ctr yesterday morning. the ice rink fm the 9th st trailhead was much much improved. major human and dog prints on the part of lower red fox that skirts the left side of the pond and proceeds uphill toward the main red fox trail - can't blame all that rutting on cyclists, since i saw zero bike treads in the area. obviously a lot of runners w/ dogs were running that trail when it was way too wet to be out there. chickadee ridge clear, 8th st extension clear, red fox clear other than patches remaining off the 9th st trailhead, red-winged blackbird icy in areas and mostly solid ice through the scary trees part to the pond. didn't get to the grove.

i heard reports that the path skirting the right side of the pond up to the lower parking lot was a sheet of ice - that's so common that i don't go that direction in these conditions, even w/ yaktrax.

echo and i ran (using the term loosely!) the streets in the snow this morning and it was beautiful. hope to get out with halle to hull's this afternoon- will update then.

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